Compared to a guitar the ‘ukulele has very few tuning options. The common ones are discussed here.

  • The generally accepted standard tuning for the ‘ukulele is G,C,E,A.

Most ‘ukuleles are tuned with a high-G string (re-entrant), but tuning with a low-G string (linear) is a fast growing alternative. An ‘ukulele tuned with the low-G string has a nice, even sound when strummed. It also offers five bass notes that you can’t reach using a high-G string. Low-G string users and abusers: Herb Ohta Jr., Brittni Paiva, and James Hill.

  • Baritone: low-D,G,B,E
  • English tuning: A,D,F#,B or low-A,D,F#,B (same concept as a low-G string).