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27 07 2007

Have you checked out ABE LAGRIMAS JR?? He is pretty much one of the best uke players right now next to Jake. He’s got an album coming out on Universal Japan! Check him out:

Can you transcribe some of his songs?

25 08 2007
Ron Hetteen

Wow guys, nice looking site.

Keep up the good work. Uke on!!

30 08 2007
Richard Seiferd

Thank you so much for this wonderful and informative website! I will certainly get many hours of enjoyment and much knowledge from all the work that you put into it. We may never meet but you have my sincere gratitude. I don’t know how but if I may ever be of assistance, please contact me.
Thank you again
Dick Seiferd

30 08 2007
Colin B

Great site!

I got my first (and only) uke for less than $20 three years ago, and I love it.

If you have time, check out my YouTube video of me playing it on a silly original song Share My Toast here:


Colin B

30 08 2007

All right Colin!

Thanks for the comment and keep on playing.

Hippie Guy

6 09 2007
Curt Sheller

Great site. I’ll be sure to add you guys to my ukulele information on my site.

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