Live ‘Ukulele is run by a bunch of ‘ukulele-loving homeschooled kids on our way to the November Pahala ‘Ukulele and Slack-key workshop. Our goal with this site is to provide ‘ukulele info, while at the same time earning money to pay our way to the workshop.

We are:

Hippie Guy – who is oddly enough not a hippie – picked up an ‘ukulele for the first time in 2005 at the age of twelve after moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i from California. After two years of being mostly self-taught he is very determined to turn his love for the ‘ukulele into a professional job. Current ‘ukulele: Kamaka tenor.

Slack Key Kid – has been playing the ‘ukulele for four years and slack key for two. He moved from Oahu to the Big Island in 2000 and started taking classes from Keoki Kahumoku several years ago. He is not as determined to turn his skills to a professional job as Hippie Guy, but he is still striving to take his playing to another level. Current ‘ukulele: handmade tenor, current guitar: Taylor 814 ce.